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8 November 2022

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The door to your garage is often just as visible as your front door. It is something that you see every day when you get home from work or lounge in your front yard. It plays a big role in the curb appeal of your property and deserves your attention.

There is more to garage door color & finish than the classic “chocolate bar” design. The offer on the market has exploded and, today, there is a variety of styles, colors, and finishes to suit all tastes and budgets. Since your garage doors are a focal point of your home that give character to your facade, they justify the time you put in to give them some concideration.

Whether you want to sell your home or simply give it an upgrade, replacing your garage door is a wise decision. On average, this home improvement project produces a ROI of 98.3%!

Let’s look at some examples of aesthetics that might give you some inspirations or ideas.


Garage doors are made of a range of materials, including:

You cannot deny the usury a wood door. Onlookers will adore the intricate wood grain and rich character of your garage entrance. The wood grain texture matches well with both classic and modern architectural styles. It also offers good insulation, which will preserve the energy efficiency of your home. On the other hand, wood is heavier than aluminum or steel, which will strain your door opening mechanism and may shorten its longevity.

Steel or aluminum garage doors are easier to maintain than wood, on top of offering a modern look and being available in multiple textures, such as our Woodgrain design. They can also be insulated with high performance polyurethane that offers R-12 or R-16 thermal resistance values, making them very effective in our Canadian climate.

However, you might be a natural light lover and go for a full-window door, like our beautiful Panoramic design.

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If you have landed on the ideal material for your home, you will now need to decide which garage door color and finish will look best for your architecture. 


It’s crucial to consider the exterior of your home when choosing a garage door color. While a deep blue garage door color might complement white vinyl siding, it could contrast too much with red bricks. 

In addition to the colors and materials of the facade, you should also keep in mind the color of the driveway, trim, and roof. When you take into account each surrounding color, you can paint your door in a style that matches, complements, or enhances your property.

Once you paint your garage door, you might be asking yourself: should you paint your front door too? Save yourself the extra work and choose a garage door color that already matches your front door!

Trying to choose a garage door color? Here are a few classic picks to ponder on.


This garage door color never goes out of style! It looks great with nearly every exterior. A white garage door is crisp, modern, and clean. You can also try a shade of off-white, like a light gray.

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If you want to go bold, you might opt for a deep shade of red. Whether bright or toned down, this garage door color adds an element of drama and class to your home. However, standout shades are not for everyone, and this might put off potential buyers if you are trying to sell your home.

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If other elements of your property feature beige or orange accents, highlight them with an earthy, brown door. This garage door color is neutral, delicates, and will not stand out too much.

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At Garex, we offer a choice of standard garage door colors for your garage door that are very popular for steel and aluminum doors. They are neutral and versatile in order to match with facades made of various materials, and they are suitable for both urban and rural settings. You will undoubtedly appreciate our selection.

*    Colors shown may differ from the actual colors of the doors. Get free color samples from authorized distributors.
**  Other colors available upon request.

To help you make the right choice, Garex offers you the possibility of ordering samples of our standard colors to see firsthand the rich colors and premium quality of our steel and aluminum coatings. Get your free color sample here. 


If you would prefer that your home stand out in your neighborhood because of its uniqueness, choosing a personalized garage door color will make your property remarkable! Whether it is lime green, orchid-purple or Persian blue, Garex can have your door painted in the color of your choice. Do not hesitate to contact one of our specialists if you have a specific garage door color in mind.

personalized doors


Should you go with a mono-colored door, or shake things up with a two-toned one? The answer depends on why you are repainting your garage door. If you are doing it to customize your home to your liking, a two-toned door can be unique and eye-catching. But it may not look that way to potential buyers—if you are planning to sell your home, you might not want the garage door color to be too noticeable.

ch garage door color


With a high-quality finish, your garage door will stand the test of time. This protective coating, whether matte or glossy, will work to shield your garage door from the elements and its color. Keep in mind that because your door is exposed to sunlight, the color will fade over time. To protect it, you will need to apply a coating.

At Garex, our steel and aluminum are protected by the best painting process in the industry. Whether you opt for one or the other insulated garage door, we use the highest quality heavy-duty baked paints and containing, in some cases, a solar radiation reflective coating agent. An effective way to reduce heat impact from solar radiation.

The multilayer techniques we’ve developed at Garex offer maximum protection against the harmful effects of the sun and harsh weather conditions in Canada.

Garage door maintenance is important—that being said, it is also time-consuming and requires some skill. Thanks to the additional protection of a finish, you can spend more time relaxing and less time performing maintenance. 

Choose a finish that supports the specific material that your door is made of. For instance, a wood door needs a finish that will help it resist moisture and humidity. Metal doors will benefit from scratch resistance. Look for a finish with UV protection to prevent fading from the sun.

Whether you choose a smooth, grooved, or wood-grain finish, what matters most is that it looks great with your home and offers protection against common weather conditions. 


When it comes to remodelling, do not just blindly follow the latest trends. Take your time to select colors that speak to your unique style. At the end, you will have a garage door that you are happy to come home to each day—or one that helps you sell your house!

Do not hesitate to call on a Garex specialist to assist you in the planning, customization, and installation of your garage door manufactured here, in Canada, and designed to offer the best energy efficiency on the market.

Request an online quote here.

*Thanks to Marianne and the team at Wallace & Wallace for contributing on this article. 

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