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1 November 2022

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The Carriage House Style, also called the Modern Farmhouse, is reminiscent of simpler times with its laid-back, timeless appeal that uses a neutral palette, salvaged materials and a sophisticated combination of traditional and contemporary design elements. Over the past decade, this style has created a lot of buzz and continues to attract new followers. Once reserved to country settings, this beautiful, cozy style is now common in brand new homes.

Incorporating Carriage House style into the exterior of your home can be accomplished through simple details, like choosing the right garage door. To cater to your Modern Farmhouse need, Garex offers the Seigneurie Collection, a wide selection of garage doors that are inspired by a charming tradition and can add a touch of authenticity to any home. 


Characterized by a barnyard aesthetic, all the Carriage House Style door models in our Seigneurie collection are made of sturdy steel for easy maintenance and prolonged durability. Their wood grain finish is highlighted by a choice of appeasing neutral tones. To help you choose the right color for your home, be sure to read our article on How to Choose Your Perfect Garage Door Color & Finish.

Adding some vintage accessories to your door, like decorative ironwork, and a few custom windows will enhance the look of your facade all while providing well-needed natural light inside your garage. Read our blog post on 7 customizable window features to make your insulated garage door unique like you to get ideas on which windows could boost the allure of your home. 

Furthermore, all the doors in our Seigneurie Collect are designed to be energy efficient with an R-16 thermal resistance value. They also are manufactured tailored to your needs on all dimensions to fit your personal garage requirements.

Now that we have covered the basic characteristics of our Seigneurie Collection, Garex is proud to introduce the door models that comprise it.


For those of you who daydream about spending your summer evenings on the patio of your cottage-style home, the Port Royal door has a shabby-chic design that complements traditional and contemporary homes alike. Combining charm and function, this carriage house style garage door provides a modern twist to a rustic elegance reminiscent of a lakeside chalets. So, cozy up with a blanket in your lawn chair and enjoy the view.

port royal carriage house style garage door by garex scaled


Here is a carriage house style garage door that manages to unify the various siding materials often used on the facade of suburban homes. The Tilly door has an elemental grid motif with a country living-inspired style that complements brick patterns, blends in with wooden board sidings, highlights steel trimmings and pairs well with a variety of front door designs. Also, it even enhances the ornamental gable frame on the roof of this house. The Tilly door is all about subtlety, simplicity and putting texture at the forefront of your home’s architectural presence. 

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Add a rural touch to your urban home with the Montarville garage door. With its embossed vertical mouldings that speak to the farmhouse aesthetic, the carriage house style Montarville garage door gives a dab of authenticity to the architectural style of this modern house. And yet, it manages to have a uniquely fresh take on a vintage look with the supplemental windows and color choices. Say bye-bye to basic with this door!

montarville carriage house style garage door by garex scaled


For homes that look like cozy, mountain-top retreats such as this one, the Extended Villeray garage door introduces warmth and simplicity to the natural textures and materials of the home’s exterior. The sturdy steel design of this door provides both the elegance and robustness required for harsh-environment settings. The polyurethane insulation withstands low-temperature climates to keep the house warm and welcoming. A neutral taupe hue allows this carriage house style garage door to blend in with its surrounds and live up to the alpine tradition.

extended villeray carriage house style garage door by garex scaled


A striking architectural design that places such prominence on the garage door can leave you asking whether the door was designed for the home or the home designed for the door. And why not go boldly for this contemporary home with the Uniform Villeray garage door? Its square mouldings have a minimalist quality that merges with the sleek clean lines typical of modern carriage house style homes. They subscribe to the symmetry and order dominating modern life all while somehow still managing to take you back to simpler times. They offer complexity and simplicity all wrapped into one elegant door, making it ideal for all architectural styles.

uniform villeray carriage house style garage door by garex 1 scaled


Countryside lovers, this door is for you! With handsome craftsman-style garage doors like the Compact Villeray model, getting back to basics is anything but boring. Their compact rectangular mouldings add texture to a home and a touch of elegance at dusk when they are illuminated by the gooseneck lamp. Lengthen the exterior grid design with 6-pane windows on the top panel of the door to let some sunlight in and boost your mood.

compact villeray carriage house style garage door by garex scaled


Patterns and class cross paths on this eye-catching barn-style door. Add a touch of tradition with the Godefroy carriage house style garage door to embellish your exterior with a photogenic look that is sure to stand out in your neighborhood. Choose a door color that matches your home and highlight the diagonal beam trims in white to make the motif pop out even more. Or stick with chic, all-white doors like on this beautiful home to bring balance to the overall color scheme. Either way works wonders!

godefroy carriage house style garage door by garex scaled


Modern farmhouse style evokes great feelings of warmth and comfort. It is traditional without being conformist. It reminds home-baked goods, vineyards, stables and quilts. Adorned with the Mitis carriage house style garage door, this home encapsulates the farmhouse experience. The strong diagonals accentuate the brown trimmings on the roof, giving an impression of height to the house. The rich, luxurious charcoal gray doors create a stark contrast to the crisp white siding and complements the other grays of the facade for a versatile and authentic result. 

mitis carriage house style garage door by garex scaled


Create an old-world atmosphere in your front yard with the Lotbiniere garage door. It is all in the details with this door: the traditional cross-beams, spearhead wrought iron accents, an elegant contrasting shade of commercial brown and lovely decorative windows. This modern farmhouse style door provides an instant country feel to contemporary homes such as this one. Wouldn’t you want to come home to this house every day?

lotbiniere carriage house style garage door by garex scaled


Garex has a perfect garage door for every home. If you liked one of the models in our Seigneurie Collection but you are not sure that it would like nice on your home, test it out yourself in our Garex Design Center. Build your new garage door in 5 easy steps and try it out on a picture of your home to confirm your choices.

Of course, if you have any questions about the products in this article or about replacing your garage door, give us a call. Our Garex specialists are standing by to guide you through the steps of purchasing your new garage door. 

Request an online quote here.

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