Garage Doors: Vermont 138 (R-12) • Garex

Economical and Unique Style

The Vermont garage door from Garex is designed to provide both an aesthetic and functional enhancement to your home. Inspired by the traditional carriage house style, it features an insulated R-12 polyurethane core that will help keep your garage more comfortable and energy-efficient.

Made in Canada with high-quality 26 gauge galvanized steel, these textured woodgrain overhead garage doors are perfect for those who want both style and performance. The 1-3/8″ thickness of the door is designed specifically for applications where insulation is less important, making it an economical choice for homeowners.

The Vermont 138 door offers several advantages:

  • R-12 thermal resistance value for insulation
  • Enhances the traditional architectural style of your home
  • Boosts curb appeal with a 30% visible front of the house
  • Made with durable, high-quality parts and components for great performance
  • Smooth operation with rollers and hardware
  • Traditional white paint with wood end blocks
  • Embossment: 20’’x14”



The GAREX selection of colours are from oven-baked polyester based paints and meet high quality standards. Colours shown may differ from the actual colours of the doors. Request a color sample by mail.

Steel door

  • Pure White (138)

    Pure White (138)

  • Black


Aluminum door

  • White



If you require a non-standard color, we can paint your door to the color of your choice (equivalence Sico or Gentek).


  • Vermont 138

    Vermont 138

Decorative windows


GAREX offers a great variety of decorative windows for your garage door. Whatever your tastes might be, you will find the model that will suite your property. As perfect complement to the architectural style of your home, GAREX also supplies custom designed windows.

  • Front frame

    Front frame

  • Stockton


  • Stockbridge


  • Cascade


  • Prairie


  • Waterton


  • Cathedral


  • 2 Piece Wagon Wheel

    2 Piece Wagon Wheel

  • 4 Piece Sunburst

    4 Piece Sunburst

  • 5 piece Sunburst

    5 piece Sunburst

  • 6 Piece Sunburst

    6 Piece Sunburst

  • 7 Piece Sunburst

    7 Piece Sunburst

  • 8 Piece Sunburst

    8 Piece Sunburst

  • 9 Piece Sunburst

    9 Piece Sunburst

Technical informations



Technical specs

Metallic Panel
Treated Aluminium
(wood grain)
Galvanized Steel
(wood grain)
Metal thickness: 23 gauge ( 0,61 mm – 0,024 po ) 26 gauge ( 0,40 mm – 0,0175 po )
Isolation factor: RSI 2,11 ( R-12 ) RSI 2,11 ( R-12 )
Isolation density: 40 kg/m3 ( 2,5 lbs/pi3 ) 40 kg/m3 ( 2,5 lbs/pi3 )
Door Thickness: 34,925 mm ( 1 3/8″ ) 34,925 mm ( 1 3/8″ )

Documentation and maintenance