Garage Doors: Quantum (R-16) • Garex


A design aspect that expresses itself in a setting characterized by minimal and pure geometric shapes.

The Quantum door is made of smooth heavy 20 gauge white steel with reinforced hardware.

Possibility to have your Quantum door with custom colours that meet rigorous quality standards.

The QUANTUM door offers several advantages :

  • Insulated garage door designed to be energy efficient with R-16 thermal resistance value;
  • Harmonize perfectly with the exterior appearance of the modern architecture of your property;
  • Aesthetically appealing that boost your home’s curb appeal as on average, garage doors make up 30 percent of what passerby will see of your home;
  • Manufactured using premium quality parts and components that ensure maximum performance, value, and peace of mind;
  • Rollers and hardware providing you with a quieter and smooth operation of the garage door;
  • Features the new Rot-Proof Extruded Polystyrene XPS End Block that offers several advantages to the traditional wood end blocks.



The GAREX selection of colours are from oven-baked polyester based paints and meet high quality standards. Colours shown may differ from the actual colours of the doors. Request a color sample by mail.

Steel door

  • White


  • Personalized Colors

    Personalized Colors


Technical informations


déclinaisons quantum

Technical specs

Metallic Panel
Galvanized Steel
Galvanized Steel
(smooth with 4 grooves)
Metal thickness: 20 gauge ( 0,89 mm – 0,035 po ) 20 gauge ( 0,89 mm – 0,035 po )
Isolation factor: RSI 2,81 ( R-16 ) RSI 2,81 ( R-16 )
Isolation density: 40 kg/m3 ( 2,5 lbs/pi3 ) 40 kg/m3 ( 2,5 lbs/pi3 )
Door Thickness: 44,5 mm ( 1 3/4″ ) 44,5 mm ( 1 3/4″ )

Documentation and maintenance